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Michael Kors Runway LIVE - New York Fashion Week
10 September 2014

Michael Kors Spring 2015 Runway show at New York Fashion Week, play this video at 10 AM edt (9 PM wib) to watch! :)

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I Got My Eye on You
01 September 2014

Today I'll be reviewing my new set of colour eyeliners from Mizzu! They're kind enough to send me  4 new colours that haven't been launched to try :) And I personally loooove the color pigment and consistency! The creamy texture makes it easy to apply as eyeliner, eyeshadow, or even lip liner, and they're also waterproof. Maybe the first thing that come up to your mind is artsy eye-do you usually wear for parties, but actually it's applicable for daily make-up too. The key is to tone down the lipstick, blush on and rest of your make-up, and let your bold eyeliner pops out. Here are some ways I tried in each eyeliner colours for different occasions! :)

Fresh and Innocent Under Eyes
This pink under-eye look reminds me of the girls I saw on the street when I was in Tokyo; they were wearing pink eyeshadow and continuing to their apple cheeks, impersonating a cute manga-ish look (some of them use red eyeshadow / eyeliner for more gothic look), and I swear they look uber kawai! Wearing pink eyeliner for your under eye actually brighten up and make your face look fresher, no more boring daily make-up!

White / Silver / Gold: The Illusionists
I usually wear white eyeliner on my waterline for an illusion of bigger and brighter eyes, but take a note from the runway! Thank God for Mizzu's eyeliner gel creamy texture, you can also wear it on your eyelid (without poking your eyes with hard pencil liner). So wether you want to make it bold and edgy or you want to blend it to look natural, white and silver eyeliner is a must-have. How about gold? Gold is a magic color especially for night make-up! It's an instant kick to look glamorous and exotic at the same time.

Geometric Tricks
Another runway trend adopted look is geometric shaped eyeliner, I'm taking a rectangular outer sides of my eyes with blue color. You can also draw a thin, bold line if you're feeling minimalistic.

 Bold Mod
The last but not least is my all-time favourite mod eye look which you may have seen almost every time in my blogpost, inspired by the sixties girls such as Twiggy and Edie Sedgwick. You just need to draw another line on your eyelid, it will make your eyes look bigger, and also draw a fake eyelashes under eyes for dolly effect. :)

So there are all simple looks with color eyeliners I do for daily look, dare to try it when you're feeling experimental! :)

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Yes Sir, I Can Boogie
13 August 2014

Salvatore Ferragamo scarf worn as headband, Boda Skins leather jacket, Spotlight cut-out top, 
wide legged pants by Nadia Leona, Zara shoes

Channeling my inner seventies boho slash rocker chick combo, I'm inspired to do a music festival inspired outfit for today. The wide leg pants is a chic and definitely not boring substitute to an ordinary maxi skirt. It allows me to dance and move freely yet it gives the flowing effect and adds the seventies groove, which matches my boho headband! :) This monochrome pants is made by a friend of mine, Nadia Leona. One of the festivals I've been to was a super-packed punk rock show, and I'm excited because We The Fest is coming real soon and I get to feel another music scene experience! Are you coming too?

vintage charm bracelet is a gift from Rio's grandma. :)

And check out this genuine leather jacket from Boda Skins! I always love leather jacket because it gives you instant rocker chick look in anything you wear. My favourite design is this quilted classic biker jacket! I'm surprised to see so many different styles and colours to pick from neutral colours to vibrant and pastels :) the super fine quality definitely worth the price, and the other awesome thing: you can customise it based on your size! 

A simple touch such as headband or head wrap could easily be the highlight of your look. Here is some 3 minutes (or less) tutorial on how to do do headband and head wrap using your favourite scarf:

For headband: fold your square headband into triangle and fold it again into a long scarf. Place it under or on the top of your hair --both ways are cool-, twist it on the front of your head once or twice, and tie the rest of the scarf on the back. Done!

Wearing your scarf as a turban:

Only works for square scarf. Fold it into triangle, place it on the top of your head with tip facing forward. It looks silly, but don't worry this is only the first step.

Grab the ends of your scarf and cross it in the front.

Tie it on the back of your head.

...Tuck the remainders inside. Done! :)

Tips on what to wear to concert / music festivals:
- Be comfortable. This is the top priority of choosing outfit to anywhere, especially a concert.
- Be prepared. consider all the possibilities. Is it going to be indoor or outdoor? is it going to be raining or sunny? Is it going to be crowded? If you're planning to hang around the festival for hours, you'd better choose a pair of sneakers over those cute heels.
- Keep your fantasy in balance with reality. Wear what you want to wear, but don't let what you wear distracts you or the people around you from actually enjoying the show.
- Stand out, don't blend in. It's a festival after all, time to express yourself. Step outside the ordinary, and have fun!

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Sonia Eryka X Dropdead
10 August 2014

S.A.F Knitwear by Dropdead.

Moonstone poison box mystical ring by Idle Hands.

Sword Lacey Shirt & DEAD Snapback by Dropdead.

at Pandawa Beach, Bali.
taken by Audrio
for Dropdead & Idle Hands UK

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Best Places on Earth: Bali.

Our impulsive escape plan this time is Bali, a week before the holiday's over. We craved for beach and sun, and Bali is the perfect place to get everything in a short time. As a local tourist, I just realised my knowledge about Bali is surprisingly limited. I only went there a couple of times, and have never really been to anywhere outside the most mainstream tourist destinations since 10 years ago or so, Kuta - Legian - Seminyak. Don't judge me, people, but I haven't even been to Jimbaran and Ubud (Eat Pray Love existed as a the novel and it turned into movie like a decade ago, and me, as an Indonesian, never been there. Lame, I know.) The last time I went to Bali was about 2 years ago, and already so many new cafes, bars, and other improvements since then. Luckily, we met our local (and non-judgemental) friends who kindly took us to awesome not-so-touristy tourist places we haven't been. By that, I mean it's quite secret but not super-private at the same time. A few of my Twitter friends know already and they suggested me these places, I also bumped into a bunch of international tourists who apparently know about Bali 's 'secret places' better than I do (shame on me.) So here I'm writing all my new discovery of awesome places, just in case you want to visit them too, or to remind myself the spots I'm gonna come back for. I am so going to come back here!

Our friend took us to Pulina Luwak coffee plantation located in Ubud. In there we witnessed the making of the famous and rarest coffee beans in the world, with the help of those cute little Luwak from picking the best beans to extracting it with special enzymes in their stomach.

After a short tour, they gave us a chance to do coffee and tea tasting, surprisingly, all these cups for free! You'll need to pay for IDR 50k to taste a cup of the rare Luwak coffee made straight from their yard, with a beautiful view of Ubud's green rice field and mountains background. Sweet! :)

Fiance slash traveling buddy slash photographer on duty for my blog's outfit posts. :p

Visiting Menega restaurant at Jimbaran for seafood dinner by the beach.

So many restaurants and bar with beautiful view in Bali that we couldn't list down. Some that we visited are Menega at Jimbaran for seafood dinner, Potatohead at Seminyak for swimming / breakfast / lunch / dinner  / whatever (good foods and the price is totally worth it. You might need to book earlier for weekend), La Plancha at Seminyak and Old Man's at Canggu for beer and light snacks at the beach. 

You might bump into this friendly dog chilling at Canggu Beach, named Kino.

Canggu Beach.

And here's 5 things you should do by the time you arrive, according to my instagram (that I probably don't need to remind you anymore):

1. Take off your shoes.
Greet the warm sand hello.

2. Collect corals and sea shells.

3. Enjoy a bottle of beer or cider by the beach.
Potatohead Beach Club, Seminyak.

4. ...or watch the island from afar, on a canoe.
at Pandawa Beach, you can rent a canoe from IDR 30K.

5. Try new gelato flavors everyday.
So many gelato and ice cream parlor in here, you have plenty of time to try it one by one.

Happy planning an impulsive holiday! :)

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